Golden Goose Deluxe Brand at side

There isn’t a ton of cleaning and upkeep required since the sneakers come distressed. Textile logo patch at padded tongue. Padded collar. Handcrafted low-top buffed leather sneakers in white. Stardan sneakers are inspired by 90s basketball icons: the strong bond with the sense of nostalgia is seen in their retro look, hinting at past memories in the same way as an old postcard does.

We love the classics, and continue to update them. White printed logo at blue leather heel tab. Logo flag at padded tongue. Perforated detailing Golden Goose Deluxe Brand at sides. Ha! He smashed his head into people for a living, let the man buy you something nice. Despite the fact that we elected a billionaire businessman to be our president – or perhaps in spite of this – overt displays of wealth are frowned upon these days.

Textile logo patch in black at padded tongue. As with nearly all of my shoe purchases, my attraction first began with the overall design. American vibe with a touch of glamour that becomes streetwear style, perfect for metropolitan looks. Smudging and distressing throughout.

We’ve played around with a classic, taking it to a new level using innovative materials and techniques. Slide sneakers with black sequins. For anyone who adores a classic reworked for a contemporary edge. Basketball heritage is a Golden Goose recurring theme in the world of Golden Goose, expressed through sneakers with a varsity-style retro look.

eBay is another great option to get Golden Goose at a discount. Shop our selection of Golden Goose sneakers for the brand’s signature styles with the lived-in look. We love to take our most iconic styles and update them with refined details, giving them a new identity.

Slide sneakers are our purest expression of the skateboarding world. Yeah sneakers in leopard-print with gold star. Smudging, distressing, and perforated detailing throughout. Hi Star sneakers with camouflage star and glittery heel tab. Lace-up closure in white featuring Golden Goose Womens logo printed in black.

Smudging and distressing throughout. In conclusion, despite my original misgivings regarding the brand, I am very happy I finally caved in and made the purchase. Round toe. Every single element was created in optical white, without forgetting the Golden Goose star on the side of the upper and the 3D logo on the heel tab.